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Hayat Infra Solutions  is a leader in Telecom Industry for both Active & Passive infrastructure work. With its footprint India & Middle East, Hayat Infra Solutions  has a strong and dedicated workforce  of Certified Engineers & technicians. Hayat Infra Solutions  provides all kinds of solutions to the Telecom Sector. Hayat Infra Solutions  offers Active Infra activities& Solutions, which includes C&I, EMF, IBS, Drive Test, RF optimization, and bench marking.

Project Management:

Hayat Infra Solutions's experienced Project Management Teams works hand-in- hand with customers to manage project milestones and ensure delivery as per schedule and quality. Site Survey

  • Technical planning & BOQ finalization
  • Site Supervision and Co-ordination with equipment suppliers
  • Milestone Management
  • Documentation & Reporting
  • Safety compliance assurance &  Quality Audits
  • Quantity verification

Repeater Solutions:

Hayat Infra Solutions provide a wide range of RF repeaters for improving in-building and outdoor coverage. In order to increase network coverage and reach up-to the last mile, Hayat Infra Solutions design and deploy RF repeaters for all types of technology and networks. RF repeaters provide cost effective improvement in-building and outdoor coverage in places such as tunnels, buildings, basements, car parks, airports, rural areas, highways, railway stations, dense vegetation areas, etc.

  • Survey of existing coverage on site.
  • Type and power of repeater e.g. single band, Multi band or optical repeater.
  • Antenna planning
  • Link budget preparation
  • BOM installation
  • Final coverage Walk test

Smart Tower (eSEMS):

E-SEMS is a remote monitoring System telecom towers designed to provide reduction in operating cost, increase equipment uptime and reduce pilferage by Hayat Infra Solutions. The modules include

  • Energy monitoring
  • Passive infra alarms
  • Site surveillance
  • Workforce management
  • Fuel management

Active Infra Solutions:

Hayat Infra Solutions carry out BTS & Allied products installation & Commissioning. Hayat Infra Solutions are working for top multinational companies. The scope of our services includes

  • RFAI Survey
  • BTS Installation
  • MW Installation
  • RF Cable Laying
  • BTS Integration & Commissioning
  • BTS AT

Passive Infra Solutions:

With a phenomenal increase in the subscriber base of mobile telecom users and rapid upgradation of technology, telecom service providers have to upgrade their cell sites periodically. Hayat Infra Solutions has executed many telecom sites as total services provider (TSP) which includes civil, electrical, installation and commissioning. The scope of our site-upgradation services includes :

  • Site Survey
  • Load based technical planning
  • BOQ preparation
  • Infra material transportation
  • Infra Up gradation i.e. Cable tray, MW mounts, GSM mounts
  • Electrical Up gradation, Installation & commissioning i.e Battery Bank, SMPS, DG, AC, PIU,Servo etc.
  • Civil construction i.e. AC platform, Boundary wall, foundations for DG, PIU, BTS. Etc.
  • Documentation & Reporting
  • Safety compliance assurance & Quality Audits
  • Site handover to O& M
  • Quantity verification


Hayat Infra Solutions offer In-building solutions with 2G/3G and WiMax technologies. The number of mobile users inside airports, railway stations, hotels, shopping centres, Large Corporate buildings and basements has increased by leaps and bounds. The network inside these places is often weak.  Good in-building coverage is provided by Distributed Antenna System. This solution not only provides good coverage and capacity inside the building but also reduces load on the outdoor cell site. These solutions are based on Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) Fiber Optic Distribution Antenna Systems (FODS) or pico BTS. We are the skilled set and experienced in IBS designing and Implementation.

  • Identification of potential buildings for IBS.
  • Identify coverage and capacity weak areas in the building.
  • Propose best suitable RF source to resolve above problem.
  • Design Distributed Antenna system using Passive, active elements and prepare complete Link engineering diagram with each antenna's EIRP proposal report.
  • Implementation of IBS solution in the best professional way without disturbing aesthetic of the building.
  • LOS & Link Planning to connect site/repeater.
  • RF parameter planning for site/repeater.
  • RF walk test and call quality testing.
  • IBS solution fine tuning for coverage, quality and capacity.
  • Maintenance of IBS solution.


Our Strengths:

Hayat Infra Solutions's presence in India & Middle East. Professionally managed company with a strong & dedicated workforce Rich & versatile experience in telecommunication. Strong & experienced R&D team for providing new solutions to the industry. High financial strength.

Career Opportunities:

Working with Hayat Infra Solutions is challenging and fulfilling.We believe that individuals should drive their own careers and that life at work should be a continuous learning process.Please submit your queries about career opportunities at Hayat Infra Solutions by mailing us at : hr@hayatinfra.com

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